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Lady Amber Rayne
Psychic, Spiritual Counselor,
Energy & Sound Healer

About Lady Amber Rayne

Lady Amber Rayne was born with the natural ability to connect with Energies and Spirits.
With over 30 years experience as a clairsentient and claircognizant, Lady Amber is trained in Reiki, Intuitive Life Coaching, Investigating the Paranormal, Celestial Temple Energetics, and Sound Therapy.

She works directly with the Hierarchy of Angels: Healing with Raphael, Protection with Michael, Guidance with Gabriel, and helps you find your True Path with Samuel.

She teaches you how to weild your Sword against the forces of Darkness, and live in the Light.

Lady Amber says, "I use my Spiritually guided Gifts to completely remove the root cause of your trauma.

I look forward to working with you.”

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