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Kelley Eckhardt
Evidential Psychic Medium

About Kelley

Psychic Medium Kelley Eckhardt was born with vivid memories of the spirit world and her past lives. Growing up in Venice Beach, CA in the 1970s, surrounded by crystals and tarot cards, enhanced her connection to people. Her early encounters with angels and spirits helped her cope with a challenging home environment. Kelley's journey includes training with Arthur Findlay tutors and being recognized by esteemed psychic communities. She's co-authored a best-selling book and cherishes ongoing growth in her abilities. Despite personal tragedies, like losing her son, Kelley shares her spiritual insights with compassion and wisdom.


Kelley's Approach

Discover the incredible world of Evidential Medium Kelley! Without needing any details from you, she connects you with your loved ones in spirit for messages filled with personality, memories, signs, and love. Experience the magic of spirit communication as Kelley channels messages just for you. Embrace this unique opportunity to connect with the unseen forces guiding you towards your highest good!

By Appointment Only

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